Saturday, July 16, 2011

Making Dollar Onling With $5!

For you to be on this page means you want to make real money online. But is it true? The answer is YES! Now, I will show you how. The things you need are:

 A computer.
 An Internet connection.
 A charting software.
 A broker.
 A properly funded trading account.
 A good trading strategy.

In the above you know (A Computer), (An Internet Connection) and I will tell you more about (A Broker) and (A properly Funded Trading Account). You have to create a "DEMO" account HERE, by doing just that- you solve the problem of having (A Broker) and (A Properly Funded Account). You Will Be Told How to go about it. Now what next, (A Good Trading Strategy) and this how!

"There are many good reasons, why you need to practice the FOREX market in the DEMO- Trading Forex As A Beginner: the Things You Need to Know."

The whole thing is called:

DAY TRADING meaning the practice of buying and selling financial instruments throughout the day. As the day progresses, prices will rise and fall in value, creating both the opportunities for gain and
The possibility of loss, which I call building wealth by trading currencies.
Finally, then how to use $5 to make $50 in one week. And this is where you need the (Good Strategy) as mentioned above and it goes this way:


In the first four weeks of your trading, you might set your weekly target
at $50 per contract. This might sound too easy for you, but keep in mind
that 90% of traders lose money in the markets. When you can make $50
per contract consistently, you can start “raising the bar.” Try $100 per
contract per week. Raise the bar again and again, but make sure that
you’re still comfortable in achieving your goals.

When day trading futures, options, or Forex, you can use leverage and
trade multiple contracts on a rather small account. If you’re thinking
about trading the futures market, then you can easily find a broker who
will enable you to trade one contract of almost any futures instrument
that’s out there – E-mini S&P, E-mini Russell, currency futures, interest
rates, commodities, etc. – On a $2,000 account.

After a while, you might raise the bar to $300 per contract per week. So,
if you want to make $3,000 per week, then you need to trade ten contracts. The same applies to stock trading: if you can make $300 per week
trading 100 shares, then you need to trade 1,000 shares in order to make
$3,000 per week.

At this point, you might not have enough money in your trading account
to trade in these increments, but don’t worry – we’ll get there.
The key element to trading success is having a sound trading strategy
that produces consistent profits. If you can make money day trading one
Contract or 100 shares of stock, then you can make money day trading
ten contracts or 1,000 shares of stock.
Ideally, to achieve your weekly goal, you’ll have a high average profit
Per trade. The average profit should be at least 50% higher than your average loss, preferably even twice as high.

Conclusively, please do not be greedy or you will fail, thank you.

“Being rich” means that you have a lot of money.

“Being wealthy” means that you actually have time to enjoy
Your money, time to do what you want to do when you want to
Do it. 

"Remember to start with a Demo Account."

You most know what you want because; I will show you more Secret Of Wealth  (S.O.W.)